LWR s.r.l has among its primary goals, not just compliance with all applicable standards of hygiene and safety at work and environmental protection,but also the minimization of risks to the health and safety of workers through the use of all protective measures, such as technical, organizational and procedural, enforceable in relation to the activity.

In particular, within the common safety at work, the following actions:
1. Develop and maintain, to the extent applicable, a safe working environment.

2. To provide the Customers, all available information about:

a) The work activities.

b) The risks to the health and safety of employees and any risks posed to people ----outside that may be present.

c) The safe use of materials and equipment.

To achieve these objectives LWR s.r.l engages human and technical resources, in the knowledge that the safety, health of workers and the environment are constitutionally relevant goods, of which the protection is one of the fundamental activities that a company must take.

Moreover, within their respective functions and responsibilities, staff who lends his work, paying attention to the protection of their own and others' safety, and environmental protection.