The overriding objective of the organization and the full achievement of customer satisfaction and all interested parties
who have an active role in the interaction of business processes (employees, suppliers, community).

The company also intends to pursue steadily, more and more in-depth understanding of the expectations implied,
explicit and latent customer, bringing innovation to its management in order to maintain its high level of competitiveness.

That is pursued with entrepreneurial desire, made feasible by the availability and willingness to understand and make their
own resources necessary to achieve this post.

In particular, the company practice and will operate with systematic belief:

- the involvement and motivation of all employees in the continuous improvement of products and services;
- the maximum alignment of business objectives and needs of the parties involved;
- the implementation of decisions based on facts, consistent with the process PlAN - DO CHECK - ACT;
- the systematic collection of information to evaluate the effectiveness of management processes, and the results achieved;
- The clear definition and implementation of the processes necessary to pursue the objectives and policies defined;
- the promotion of the commitment, for the quality, for all levels of the organization;
- the search for opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of processes;
- the identification, constantly updated, consistent with the objectives of policy, and business needs, measured through valid ----- indicators of efficiency and effectiveness;
- the clear definition of the objectives of each function and the skills / authority of its managers;
- the implementation of an effective communications network for the timely exchange of information between a process and the --- other;
- the provision of staff training tools and information necessary or appropriate to the improvement of the services provided;
- the assessment of the fulfillment of the needs, demands and expectations of customers and other interested companies;
- the continuous monitoring of resource management economic / financial to achieve cost optimization;
- the promotion of a policy, to the respect for and observance of safety regulations and environmental;
- compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements, contractual conditions defined in the acquisition works, Community, - state, regional and municipal and other applicable areas.